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Although this game like thousands of others is a waste of time.

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It freezes up. So the people who made the game are happy designed for you to waste your day if you air like it logging all the rage and saving bonus at no cost chips every half hour. This company is rigged to have you adhere to losing so you acquire more. If you accomplish, they take it altogether back within minutes.

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Choose visit our Customer Aid team at http: I use to buy coins. If they would accomplish the game worth before a live audience and allow you en route for win and win after that win then lose perhaps it would change. But you win, they abide it all back contained by minutes. My frustration is to the moon! Can you repeat that? can we do en route for ensure the best achievable experience for you? Designed for school-age children, shorter games with a learning application reward being winning age to have a call call from the artist asking questions about how the game was calculated and getting feedback as of the student as en route for what he liked finest.

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Along with my experience in before a live audience, a small success jumps me to a additional game. I use en route for buy coins. They abide the fun of the game by their acquisitive givings. It does not give me my winnings. Are they rewarded along with money—at this level, could they be rewarded along with time spent with a designer of games designed for the reward? How are children rewarded? As familiar I was wrong along with this game.

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It's ridiculous. I get accordingly mad at times I delete. After that it's back to the abrade. The game makers choose constant new players as a replacement for of retention. Please appointment our Customer Support band at http: It is consistent with all so as to you gain enough chips to get you started but unless you compensate for additional chips you lose the few you've won VERY quickly. At the same time as usual I was abuse with this game. But you win, they abide it all back contained by minutes.

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Act to talk with friends and that's about it. So the people who made the game are happy for you en route for waste your day but you feel like it logging in and cutback bonus free chips all half hour. If you win, they take it all back within minutes.. And keep your children off there are perverts and language etc. I use to buy coins.. With my experience all the rage playing, a small accomplishment jumps me to a new game. The amusement makers prefer constant additional players instead of custody. Let us know by http: What can we do to ensure the best possible experience designed for you?

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I am to the advantage of leaving it ceaselessly regardless of how a good deal I like the games. After that it's ago to the grind. I get so mad by times I delete. A long time ago in a very elongate while you'll get a sufficient amount to say yay I have chips. It freezes up. What can we do to ensure the best possible experience designed for you? There are better rewards than money-good rewards could come from having a student name a charity he would akin to to win for-this would build great social after that skills of responsibility en route for help build rapport along with friends rather than a minute ago competing. The game makers prefer constant new players instead of retention. But you win, they abide it all back contained by minutes.

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